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Brisbane's Elegant Bathroom Designs

Improve your lifestyle and add thousands of dollars to the value of your home with a custom designed bathroom, fit for a king or queen. We create stylish bathrooms and en-suites based on your needs and desires at a price you can afford. We also have a range of quality retail bathroom products, such as Australian made vanities, tapware, toilets, shower screens and accessories.

Bathroom Designs Brisbane

Your bathroom likely sees more action than any other room in your house. It’s the place where your teenagers rush to get ready for school in the mornings and where you take a relaxing soak at the end of a, particularly demanding workweek. At Unique Design, we’ve been designing Brisbane’s bathrooms for over 10 years. We consider the following two basic criteria for each bathroom renovation: the bathroom type to be remodelled and specific uses for the space. Your bathroom is a personal, intimate area, and our tradesmen are committed to giving you a distinctive space that reflects your tastes, style preferences, and functional needs.

Shower and Tub Bathroom Brisbane

Showers and tubs contribute greatly to the function and look of a master bathroom, a full-size bathroom, or a compact three-quarter bathroom. You can get styles that play up a contemporary theme in your home or ones that add vintage appeal. Our bath design experts make the most of your room’s space with creative layouts, top-quality materials, and creative accessories for showers and tubs. Here are some shower and tub design trends to consider when thinking about redoing your bathroom.

Walk-in Shower

Many couples have opted to replace their standard, builder-grade shower and tub combination with a large shower. While walk-in showers work in small bathrooms, they look more dramatic in larger spaces. Popular ones offer luxurious showers for two. You can get a pair of rain-style shower heads and a double set of fixtures that are enclosed within frameless shower doors. Windows in the shower space are a plus, and the showers clear glass doors allow the natural light to flood the entire room.

Shower with Separate Tub

Many people take showers when they want to clean up quickly, but they want relaxing baths when they can spare the time. Bathroom designs that include installing separate showers and bathtubs are great options for those people. A separate shower and tub allow one spouse to shower while the other is bathing in the tub. Spa-like infinity tubs and Japanese soaking tubs work well in bathrooms that feature separate showers and tubs.

Shower and Tub with Wrap Around Views

Does your Brisbane home have a spectacular view of the city’s skyline or the beach? Your bath remodel can help you to show it to its best advantage. Imagine surrounding your shower and tub with innovative, double-paned glass walls and frameless glass shower doors that won’t obscure stunning views. The custom glass walls are filled with a material that fogs up with the flip of a switch when you need privacy and returns to clear glass when you want to see your view again.

Shower Surrounded by Architectural Details

We can give your shower area an update with old-world origins. Mosaic-infused archways and clever stone built-ins give your shower a classic look without sacrificing modern amenities.

Steam Room Shower

It’s no secret that steam helps to loosen up congestion in the lungs and sinuses. When used with certain essential oils such as eucalyptus and menthol, this spa treatment gives effective relief to upper respiratory issues. You can equip your home with a steam room shower and skip the expensive trips to the spa. We do this by surrounding your shower with frameless glass doors that reach the ceiling and by installing shower heads that are specifically designed to produce steam.

Corner Shower

You can give small, three-quarter bathroom loads of sophistication with a corner shower. You can keep the style sleek and contemporary with large tiles on the shower’s floor and surround, or you can evoke nostalgia by tiling the shower with smaller tiles and dark-coloured grout.

Redo Existing Shower Bathtub Combination

We redo existing builder-grade, combination shower and bathtubs with distinctive tile work. This is a great way to transform the space on a budget. If you’re selling your home and worrying that your dated bathroom will turn away potential buyers, give us a call to discuss this type of bath remodel.

Cabinetry and Hardware

At Unique Design, we know that you have a vision for your bathroom. It’s our job to find that vision and bring it to life. We begin by finding out details about how you want to use the space. These requirements are especially important when we propose cabinetry and hardware for your new bathroom.

When you tell us that you want to create a five-star spa experience in your new bathroom, we’ll make sure that you get cabinetry that can house lots of towels. Some of our designs include glass door cabinets or open shelving made to keep toiletries such as bath oils, salts, scrubs, and lotions. These cabinet styles allow you to quickly see the products that you have, keep bath items organised, and use the decorative packaging of your products to enhance the look of the entire bathroom.

We know that you love to keep up with the latest bathroom renovation trends. We do too. For some projects, our designers propose cabinets that look more like furniture. Depending on your preference for the space, you can get furniture-style cabinetry in rich cherry or mahogany wood for a traditional look, or you can choose a sleek armoire in ash wood for a more clean-lined, modern appearance. Knobs and drawer handle that come in materials such as brass, antique bronze, chrome, and pewter enhance your choice of cabinetry.

Since bathrooms are usually small spaces, you can get quality cabinets in these rooms for much less than the cost of a set of custom kitchen cabinets. We partner with building material suppliers that are known for providing great-looking, durable products. We’ve done the research on each of our suppliers, and we only install cabinets that display exceptional box and door construction. You can get cabinets that are pre-finished and ready to go, or we can paint or stain unfinished wood cabinets to give them a more custom look.

Lighting and Fixtures for Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

Task, ambient, and accent lights are the three main ways to illuminate your home. We use these same light categories to bring life to your new bathroom. If you don’t know the functional difference between a sconce and a track light, don’t worry; our designers can help. We layer task, ambient, and accent lighting throughout your bath area to enhance the function and beauty of the space.

You’ll need superior task lighting at your vanity to do daily grooming rituals. You’ll also want these bright, hard-working light fixtures around your tub, shower, and toilet for safety reasons. Lightbars that are placed over a vanity mirror or a pair of sconces that are positioned on either side of a bathroom mirror are excellent examples of task lighting that we install in our bathroom renovations in Brisbane. We prefer recessed lights, pendants, and glass-covered chandeliers as task lighting for high-moisture areas such as showers and tubs.

Elaborate bathrooms may feature wall art that you want to emphasise. You can use recessed lights or track lights to bring out the best in these pieces. At Unique Design, we professionally design these lights to avoid reflective glare and weird shadows that appear when lights are too close or not close enough to your artwork.

We’ve found that the recipe for success for lighting in our bath remodelling projects is having plenty of light sources. If you’re blessed enough to have abundant natural light, we use fewer light fixtures in your bath remodel. We use the proper bulbs for the lights in your space and include dimmer switches so that you have more control over the amount of light that you use for bathroom tasks.

You can get light fixtures in a variety of finishes such as brushed nickel, antique bronze, and polished chrome. We make sure that the finishes of overhead and wall-mounted lights match for a professional-looking renovation.

Renovating Bathroom Flooring

The right flooring can really pull together any bath renovation. In addition to its looks and value, good bath flooring must be slip-resistant, rugged, and able to withstand a lot of moisture. Here are some common floor materials that we use in our bath remodel projects and reasons why they are a good fit for your bath renovation.

Porcelain Tile

When it comes to durability and water resistance, few flooring materials measure up to porcelain tile. This tile type is made from clay and other organic materials, and the way that it’s processed makes it tough and unaffected by water. Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile, but it’s stronger and less porous than the ceramic tile that most DIY remodelers get at their local hardware stores. At Unique Design, our skilled tradesmen have the equipment and ability to cut and install this hard flooring material for bathrooms of all sizes. You’ll be pleased to discover all the styles, textures, and colours that are available in porcelain tile. You can even get porcelain tile that looks like natural stone but that is much less expensive. It’s a great choice for full-size family bathrooms, ensuites, and master bathrooms. Half bathrooms aren’t exposed to a lot of standing water, so porcelain tiles may be overkill in those spaces.

Natural Stone

When you’re thinking about the spa baths in five-star hotels, you can’t help picturing the pure luxury of natural stone flooring. Natural stone materials such as limestone and travertine can transform your space from ordinary to classically elegant. Stone & granite offer upscale sophistication to contemporary and modern bath designs. These materials are as strong as they are beautiful. Natural stone is inherently waterproof and textured, which is a big plus around wet and slippery showers or free-standing bathtubs. What’s the drawback of choosing stone for bathroom floors? Natural stone comes at a higher price than porcelain tile and other flooring materials. Don’t worry, however, about treating yourself to natural stone flooring in your master bathroom. We know that you’re worth it.


The warm look of wood is appealing on all types of floors in your home. Genuine wood doesn’t stand up well to high amounts of water, though. With laminate flooring, you can get the rich colour and texture of wood without risking floor rot. Since a laminate floor still has a core that’s made of wood chips, we recommend professionally installing it in powder rooms and half baths; these bathrooms aren’t usually exposed to large amounts of water.

At Unique Design, we listen to your ideas about this personal space, and our design and installation teams do their best to support your creativity. This means considering a non-standard floor material such as textured concrete or installing a radiant heat system under natural stone flooring to make it more comfortable on chilly mornings.


Your toilet is probably the most overlooked element in your bathroom, but it’s the part that gets the most action throughout the day. At Unique Design, we consider your unique needs and the layout of your bathroom. When conducting a bath remodel, we propose toilets that are efficient, comfortable, and stylish.

Creating privacy within your bathroom for the toilet is a common request from our clients. We often use a tiled, half-wall to separate a toilet from a shower or tub area. Our designers can also enclose a toilet within a room of its own for complete solitude. We make sure that these areas are adequately ventilated for the most comfort.

The two-piece toilet has been the residential standard for commodes for years, but the days of choosing a nondescript toilet for a new bath remodel are over. Today’s homeowners have many choices for toilets, and our bath designers make sure that you’re aware of your options. Whether you want a toilet that conserves water or that saves space, you’ll find alternatives to the two-piece toilet in today’s marketplace.

Wall-Hung Toilet

The wall-hung toilet is the ultimate space-saving toilet. The tank of this toilet is hidden within the wall and secured between studs for stability and safe operation. This modern-looking toilet seems to float on the bathroom wall. The wall-hung toilet, which doesn’t touch the ground, takes up little space in your bathroom and makes bathroom cleaning easier. The initial cost of a wall-hung toilet is more than that of a standard two-piece toilet; plumbing repair costs of wall-hung toilets are also more expensive than conventional toilets since their mechanical parts are housed behind walls.

One-Piece Toilet

A one-piece toilet functions in the same way as a two-piece toilet, but its tank and seat are constructed as one, integrated piece. These toilets sit lower to the ground and are usually smaller than two-piece toilets. A one-piece toilet saves space in a tiny bathroom, and small children often find one-piece toilets easier to use than taller two-piece varieties. You’ll love that the one-piece toilet is easier to clean than the traditional two-piece toilet; the one-piece toilet has fewer crevices for dirt to hide. While two-piece toilets cost less to buy and maintain than one-piece toilets, most experts believe that one-piece toilets last longer and are more durable than two-piece toilets. The clean curves of one-piece toilets are well suited for modern or contemporary bathroom designs.

Smart Toilet

Our society is obsessed with smart home amenities that make life more convenient and comfortable. Those computer-based upgrades have made their way into toilet construction for the modern homeowner. You can get smart toilets that sense how much water is needed for each flush. With this smart flush technology, you can save up to a gallon of water per flush. Other smart toilets come with heated seats and hands-free flushing that’ll keep you cosy and germ-free. Bidets and warm air dryers are smart toilet, luxury amenities that support cleanliness and comfort.

Brisbane's Bathroom Vanities and Tapware

If you think that the choice of bathroom cabinets is dizzying, you’ll really be impressed with the number of design options on the market for bath vanities and taps. Our talented bath designers can help you to narrow down the choices based upon your room’s size, your requirements for the room, and your design preferences. We also offer the same wide range of design preferences and tapware for our Brisbane laundry renovations

Most married homeowners share their bathrooms, and couples often request double sinks as a practical amenity for their master bathroom. A vanity that has two sinks is also a good choice for family bathrooms that are shared by siblings and we suggest vanity benchtops that add colour and character to your special space. While one vanity that has double sinks is a good idea, two separate vanities could be a better option if you have the space. Either choice makes sharing a bathroom less stressful.

Like your other cabinetry, the base of your vanity must blend well with the colours and size proportions of your bathroom. If you have a powder room, you’ll want to consider installing a pedestal sink for a minimalistic look or positioning a substantial vanity in the space as a statement piece. Pre-made vanity bases even come in clear acrylic to give you the storage space of a cabinet without its bulky appearance.

Your bathroom’s small size works in its favour again with vanity benchtops. While you’d have to seriously consider the cost and maintenance issues of installing genuine marble in your large kitchen, you can splurge on a natural stone benchtop for your bathroom vanity without guilt. Granite, slate, and soapstone are some other popular natural stone materials for bathroom vanity benchtops. Some of these materials need periodic sealing. Ceramic or porcelain tiles offer lower maintenance vanities at prices that are easier on your wallet, but you’ll still have to clean grout with these options. Solid-surface materials allow you to get an integrated sink and vanity for a seamless look, and it’s one of the easiest benchtop materials to maintain. Going for a more creative, quirky space? You can opt for vanity benchtops that are made of crushed glass, concrete, or stainless steel.

Paint Colours and Finishes

Paint is one of the least expensive elements of bathroom renovations, but it makes a big impact on bathrooms of all types. Your choice of paint colour reflects your personality, and it indicates the mood that you want to set for the space. You can also use paint colour to make a small bathroom look more spacious or to draw attention to a prized vanity cabinet. Here are some examples of popular bathroom paint colours and how they influence your bathrooms looks and ambience.


Shades of green evoke feelings of relaxation according to chromotherapy experts. If you’re trying to create a soothing space in your master bathroom or you want a family bathroom that’ll help to calm your little ones before bed, then green is a paint colour choice to consider.


Blue hues are also known to create feelings of serenity. Light blue paint colours are commonly used to make small bathrooms look open and airy. Choosing warm cerulean or turquoise shades for your bathroom will give it an inviting and serene feeling.


Beige is a favourite of interior designers who use neutrals to create elegant spa-like bathrooms. You can use it as a primary shade and add accents of colour to give the room a richer look. Beige paint colour transforms your bathroom into an elegant retreat or a rustic hangout depending on chosen accent colours.


If you need energy in the morning, skip the coffee. Try getting ready for your day in a yellow bathroom. Yellow is a cheerful shade that is chosen to express happiness and joy. This is a great colour choice for bathrooms that accommodate teens. Ideally, the shade will motivate them to get moving in the morning and set them up for positive thoughts for the school day.


Light shades of purple such as lavender and lilac make a bathroom look calming without the cooling effect that is prevalent with shades of blue. You can use dark purple as a primary colour or as an accent shade to add elegance to a bathroom. While a deep shade of purple such as eggplant won’t make a half bath look larger, it can add high drama to a small powder room.

In addition to making your new bathroom look stylish, paint offers a protective coating to wood and drywall surfaces that typically don’t do well in humid environments. At Unique Design, we stay current on the paint products that are good for you and your home. We recommend paints that have mould and mildew resistant properties. The antifungal additives of these paints destroy existing mould and mildew and stop mould and mildew growth for many years. Traditional interior paints emit harmful gases that are called volatile organic compounds. Upon request, you can get a bathroom renovation Brisbane that incorporates non-toxic interior paint in a finish that wears well and is easy to maintain.

Moulding and Millwork

You wouldn’t serve a wedding cake without icing. The cake may taste good, but it’s just not finished without the decorative and tasty icing that rests on its top and along its sides. It’s the same way to think about crown moulding and millwork in your bathroom. Crown moulding offers a polished way to connect the top of your walls to your ceiling. Millwork such as ceiling medallions and wainscoting also add classic appeal to bathrooms that would otherwise lack personality and character.

At Unique Design, our craftsmen recommend crown moulding in widths and styles that fit your room’s size and décor. We make traditional crown moulding from wood that we stain or paint to coordinate with the rest of your bathroom. Polyurethane is an alternative to real wood crown moulding. This material is less expensive than wood, and it’s less susceptible to rot and termite damage.

You can transform an ordinary half bath into a polished powder room with the help of wainscoting. Wainscoting is the wood panelling that starts at the baseboard and typically rises to two-thirds of the height of your wall. In addition to being highly decorative, wainscoting protects your walls from dings and scratches. It’s used to hide imperfections on your bathroom walls. We can also paint wainscoting in a finish that makes it easy to clean wall areas around toilets and vanities.

Specialty Bathrooms

With decades of experience designing bathrooms in Brisbane, we’ve seen nearly every special request imaginable. When you contact us about bath designs that involve access for disabled people, we’re ready with solutions that’ll give you peace of mind, convenience, and comfort. Our restricted mobility bathroom renovations include installing curbless showers that easily accommodate wheelchairs. Depending on the project, we include non-slip seating in these showers. You can also get walk-in tubs that are equipped with low doors. Disabled people and the elderly walk into these tub areas, close the door, and wait for the tubs to fill up with the desired amount of water. Some mobility-challenged people don’t like to wait for their bath water to fill up or drain before entering and exiting tubs. They opt for shallow tubs that have lower sides; these are easier to climb over. We install grab bars in key places around these bathrooms to ensure safety and ease of use. Our designers consider the height of fixtures such as sinks and toilets in restricted mobility bathroom renovations. We recommend taller wash basins and commodes that allow a person with a disability to use them without strenuous bending. Vinyl tile flooring is also an option for these bathrooms due to its slip-resistant qualities.

Installing a bathroom in your finished basement was a smart move. You likely saved up to a third of the cost of installing a new bathroom in the main part of your home by building a bathroom in your basement. If you want to refresh that area with modern fixtures, lighting, and décor, our team of designers and installers can help. We install pressure-assisted toilets that use air pressure to push waste out to sewer lines. On some renovation projects, our installers recommend electric-powered up-flushing toilets that push sewage up plumbing lines without the characteristic overflow issues that older water-powered up-flushing toilets have. Corner showers and other space-saving models are ideal for most basement bath renovations, and we can connect these showers to your existing plumbing lines with ease. Our designers can help you to choose the layout that brings out the best aspects of the space. When you partner with Unique Design, you’ll also get proposals that include the best lighting options for a deluxe, below-ground bath renovation. Updating a basement bathroom is a good idea if you plan to rent your basement or to use it as the long-term living quarters for relatives. A basement bathroom renovation is also something to consider if you want to sell your home.

If you’re like many homeowners in Brisbane, you like to stay connected to the world around you via infotainment systems. While portable television sets and under-the-cabinet radios are not new in Brisbane Northside kitchens, multimedia appliances have recently gained ground in bathroom construction. Rather than soaking in a clawfoot tub with a good book, some homeowners want their bathrooms wired for flat-screen TVs and voice-activated sound systems. At Unique Design, we can prepare your space to offer a relaxing movie night for two in a hot tub or to give the latest traffic and weather updates during your morning shower routine.

Custom-designed outdoor living areas are popular in Brisbane. With alfresco kitchens that bring extra zest to backyard pool parties, what else is needed for convenient outdoor living? Many homeowners look to outdoor showers to add convenience to their outdoor living spaces. At Unique Design, we can design a shower that connects with your home’s plumbing and that blends well with your outdoor fixtures and furnishings. Our professional designers consider drainage issues that protect your home’s foundation. Outdoor showers are great for homeowners who have frequent pool parties or who love to get dirty while gardening.

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