Galley Kitchens

Galley Kitchens are Productivity Zones

The galley kitchen is designed for efficient meal production with ready access to the most used parts of the kitchen. These high usage areas are the sink, the stove/oven and the refrigerator. Creating this working triangle provides an effective use of space in a busy area. The concept of galley kitchens has been derived from the kitchens of ships and airplanes. Setting up a galley kitchen, also known as a corridor kitchen, is comprised of a single narrow passageway with cabinets and bench tops on either side. Making the most of limited space, the hard-working galley is a perennial favorite in space-pressed urban dwellings but can also present an inclusive environment for modern, traditional and colonial households.

The galley kitchen featuring smart kitchen ideas makes meal preparation a pleasure. While the definition of a galley kitchen includes access from either end of the kitchen corridor, it is the kitchen components within the working triangle that makes the galley kitchen functional, productive and appealing to all households.