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Modern Laundries Making a Comeback

Laundries are enjoying a renewed focus in home renovations. Here at Unique Design we can custom make your laundry to complement your home.

Our designers can work with you to plan a laundry in any space to fit your needs and lifestyle. We can provide quality appliances that fit the style of your home and lifestyle. Highly functional laundries with plenty of storage that keeps your house looking clean at all times. Custom laundry solutions that efficiently use available space and resources to make your laundry the most useful room in your house.

Laundries are now recognised as a central part of the household. As integral as kitchens, well designed laundries not only look great, but they stream line the process of keeping a house in order.

Well designed laundries are worth having. They create efficient processes and are capable of neatly storing household cleaning items.

With features and functionality developed specific for laundries, Unique Design can help custom build your laundry to meet your specific needs.


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The Laundry as a Hub for the Home

Laundries can sometimes be the most neglected or undesirable rooms of the home. Whether you've got a small space or large space, we're here to provide optimal storage and functionality to your laundry to make it a more enjoyable and practical room to be in. The laundry is the hub of cleaning and washing, where dirty clothes become new and bed linen returns smelling beautiful, but even such a boring or mundane job can be reinvigorated by a pleasant and well-designed environment.