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Does your laundry need an update? In so many homes throughout Australia, the laundry is often the last thing considered. That’s why so many of them are poorly designed, too small, or difficult to work in. Here at Unique Design, we want to change that. Our expert laundry renovations service takes the existing space you have and turns it into a beautiful area that’s fit for purpose. 

Laundry Renovations To Suit All Tastes 

Every family has different tastes, and we understand that. It’s why we take an open-minded approach to every single laundry renovations design consultation we attend. Some people want to turn their old, tired laundry into something entirely different. Others want a revamp that’s more in line with the rest of their home. Whatever your specific tastes and style preferences, we cater to them. 

Our Brisbane laundry renovations designers specialise in beautiful, modern laundry styles that not only add value to your home and laundry room but also make your house more comfortable. If you don’t enjoy doing laundry, it’s even more frustrating when you have to do it in a pokey little space with no storage. We aim to fix all of that, and make your household chores a little bit less of a bore!

Maximise Your Available Space 

Often, planning a laundry renovation Brisbane is about making the space more functional. Many homes simply don’t have much laundry space, so it’s up to our laundry renovations Brisbane designers to find a solution. With smart storage options and innovative design techniques, we can maximise the space you have. Whether it’s a large or small laundry room, our designers are skilled and experienced in getting the most out of your space. 

Strategic Planning

It’s also common during renovations to combine two rooms. For example, removing an extra toilet and giving yourself more laundry space to work with may be a great strategy. Our laundry renovations Brisbane team can handle all sorts of new bathroom renovations, laundry renovations and home renovations, even if it means incorporating another room. 


Expert Laundry Design Services 

When you need home renovations or laundry renovation services, you want a team who can do it all. Often, it’s hard for the untrained eye to look at a room and imagine how brilliant it could be. That’s where our designers come in. We’ve got an acute eye for detail, and an innovative way of thinking about laundry design. It’s all about giving you an aesthetically pleasing room that functions exactly as it should.  

We also take care of the actual renovations, meaning you don’t need to call other contractors to complete the renovation project design we’ve provided. For us, laundry renovations are a project to be managed from design through to completion, and we’re not happy until you’ve got a laundry room you love.

Functional Laundry Designs 

When many Australian homes were built, technology wasn’t as impressive as it is now. Advances in technology usually occur to make life easier and better for all of us. The same is true when it comes to laundry design. From modern brackets for washers and dryers to unique storage options, the tools at our disposal have evolved considerably over time.  

Latest Laundry Styles & Techniques

At Unique Design,  we’re passionate about laundry renovation Brisbane. That’s why we keep up to date with the latest trends, construction techniques, and design styles to give you the most functional, modern laundry you could ever dream of. 


All Laundries Sizes Large And Small 

When it comes to Brisbane laundry design and renovations, we’re the experts. There’s no job too big or too small. No laundry too complicated, and no space that’s impossible to work with. As experienced designers, it’s our goal to deliver beautiful spaces for every household, and we’re committed to excellence in every way.  

Laundries can sometimes be the most neglected or undesirable rooms of the home. Whether you've got a small space or a large space, we're here to provide optimal storage and functionality to your laundry to make it a more enjoyable and practical room to be in. The laundry is the hub of cleaning and washing, where dirty clothes become new and bed linen returns smelling beautiful, but even such a boring or mundane job can be reinvigorated by a pleasant and well-designed environment.

Make Doing the Laundry an Experience

If you're ready to organise your home with a brand new Brisbane laundry renovation, don't hesitate to get in contact with our team at Unique Designs today. We’d love to discuss your laundry needs and ideas! 


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