Custom Cabinetry Renovation Gallery

Custom Cabinetry Projects by Unique Design

At Unique Design we design and custom build, where required, kitchen cabinetry. We’ve got some great examples from across Brisbane on how to build cabinets and also how we’ve replaced cabinets to update a kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets, like benchtops, are a big decision. They are the aesthetics that deliver visual integration with the kitchen, and the rest of your home.

From a functional point of view kitchen cabinets can be custom designed to suit any cook, or chef’s, requirements. Drawers and cabinetry can be tailored to suit your needs from spice racks, wine racks, utensils, and can even hide appliances such as microwaves, kettles and toasters, ensuring the kitchen lines are just as you had envisaged.

Our team have developed multiple cabinetry solutions for homes across the Brisbane region. Here are some of our favourite examples to inspire your kitchen overhaul.

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