Things to consider when preparing for a kitchen renovation

Things to consider when preparing for a kitchen renovation

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You’re getting a kitchen renovation because you understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and that getting it looking and working its best is important; so, with that in mind, what will you do during the renovations?

 There are a few things to prepare for when it comes to a kitchen renovation.

When it comes to the actual renovation details, a kitchen design will be done in consultation with you; once we’ve established the best layout, the best materials, and look for you and your family, you now have to prepare for a time with no kitchen.

Whilst Unique Design in Brisbane have an average turnaround time of 5 – 6  weeks total project time, you will need to plan for mealtimes during the installation stage of approx 2 weeks.

Here’s some tips we give our clients:

  1. If you’re considering getting an alfresco kitchen, why not get it before your kitchen renovation, this way you have a fully functioning outdoor kitchen to use throughout the duration of your kitchen renovation.
  1. If your budget and needs don’t extend to an alfresco kitchen, set up a temporary kitchen in your home. If you have the means, move the refrigerator into another room or set up a bar fridge for your cold goods. Set up bench or table with a kettle, toaster, plug in hot plate, and a microwave. When setting these up always ensure that plug points aren’t overloaded, and everything’s safe for children to be around.
  1. If you’re used to serving food in the kitchen, then look for a secondary location. In the summer you could take your meals to the deck, a dining room would be a good option, or set up a seating area where possible.
  1. Washing dishes in the bathroom sink is not ideal, to limit your dishes, why not invest in some paper plates for the duration of the renovation.
  1. Treat yourself to dinner out occasionally. Prepare to be limited in your temporary kitchen, why not treat yourself to dinner out? Or, call upon friends and family for a dinner date at their home, after all you can repay the favour in your brand-new kitchen soon.
  1. If you work from home, you’re a stay at home parent, retired and you are usually at home in the day you might need to prepare for the noise and dust that comes with a kitchen renovation; have a plan B in place, if you’re not a fan of noise maybe plan some days out, enjoy nature walks, or get familiar with the local cafes.

The kitchen renovation specialists

A kitchen renovation is so worthwhile, and the better you prepare for the process the better it will be. Talk to the team at Unique Design in Brisbane, we work tirelessly to work within our deadlines and bring you your dream kitchen as quickly as possible.

We’re all house broken at Unique Design, so all our workers will treat your home with respect throughout the process, we’ll be with you every step of the way to get you prepared for your kitchen renovation, the only thing you might not be prepared for are the breathtaking results.

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